BI 术语


A Ad Hoc Reporting   Ad hoc reporting is the ability for a user to create a report at any instance on a whim, and present information for analysis and discovery of insights.

Agile BI   Fast and easy report creation, integration and deployment.
B Business Intelligence   Business intelligence tools include reporting engines and analytics tools capable of easy interpretation of large volumes of data.
C Cloud Reporting   Easily deploy in the cloud with the same robust functionality as dedicated servers, provides high performance reporting with the cloud benefits of flexibility, ease of management and lower cost.
D Data Visualization   Data visualization is the creation and study of the visual representation of data.

Database Reporting   Database reporting allows you to interact with your database and create reports based upon the stored data.

Drill Down   Drill down allows you to explore multidimensional data by navigating from a general level down to a more detailed level.
E Embedded Analytics   Embedded analytics aims to provide a seamless integration of analytical capabilities directly into your applications.

Embedded Reporting   Embedded reporting refers to integrating a reporting tool within your application.
I Integration   Seamless integration of embedded analytics for your application.

Interactive Reporting   Enable users to dynamically work with report views.
J Java Reporting   Take advantage of the open-connectivity and functionality of Java EE.
R Reporting Tools   A reporting tool allows you to extract and present data in charts, tables and other visualizations so users can derive useful information.
S SaaS Analytics   Software as a Service (SaaS) analytics offer analytics features such as rich, interactive dashboard and reporting through a web service.
W Web Reporting   Web reporting enables enterprise-wide information delivery.