Embedded Reporting

Embedded reporting refers to integrating a reporting tool within your application. The reporting tool can be white-labeled and customized to match the look of feel of your application.

Benefits of embedded reporting

  • Reports and dashboards can be embedded into any application including SaaS application
  • White-label: the reporting tool can be rebranded and made your own
  • Customization: The reporting tool can be customized to match your applications look and feel and functionality
  • Management: You get full control of reporting and dashboard management via the extensive api sets provided by reporting tools
  • Security: You can control the user permissions for secure access control and integrate with your security and admin systems
  • Scalability: A flexible architecture that scales with your application, providing load balancing and high availability

Embedded reporting tool for SaaS application

  • Reporting tools can be integrated into your hosted application to provide BI benefits for your internal & external subscribers
  • Deploy the reporting tool on-premise, private, public or even hybrid servers
  • Enable tenant administrators for fine-grained management of their own resource, security, and user policies

See Embedded Reporting in Action

Embedding Reports
Embedding Reports & Dashboards
Report Integration: Completely Customizable
Report Integration: Completely Customizable


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