Interactive Reporting with Actionable Information

Interactive ReportingInteractive Reporting

Information is critical to the success of any business, and choosing the right enterprise information delivery solution can be challenging. Enterprises require interactive reporting to deliver highly usable business-critical information across the enterprise. Interactive reporting, enabling users to dynamically work with report views, is an essential component of a reliable information delivery system.

With JReport, interactive reporting is achieved through the use of actionable information.

Actionable Information

Today's business environment necessitates information delivery via the web, and that information must be actionable. Actionable information allows end users to dynamically change and customize their view of data, to glean useful business information.

With JReport, any report can be made actionable, extending the "life" of the report by allowing users to easily view, sort, navigate, and filter via the Web. This wide range of functionality, including the ability to drill up, down or across data, enables users to quickly derive value from their reports.

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on JReport to deliver interactive reports with actionable information everyday. JReport provides enterprises with actionable information that can be easily modified and customized to help end users access the information they need and in turn, drive better business decisions.

Ad Hoc Reporting  

Ad Hoc Reports

Enables end users to create and modify ad hoc reports via the Web.



New bullet, gauge, and bubble charts enhance data with auto-synchronized components.

Agile BI  

Agile BI

Quick to Develop, Ready to Deploy, Easy to Use.



On-Screen Filter: Quick Analysis
On-Screen Filter: Quick Analysis