Java Reporting


Java Reporting and Dashboards That Empower End Users

The Importance of Java Reporting

The widespread use of distributed applications built on Java EE standards has given rise to the demand for Java reporting tools. While Java reporting tools inherently take advantage of the open-connectivity and functionality of Java EE, not all solutions are created equal. Ease of use and ease of embedding are key differentiators among Java report tools.

JReport – The Leader in Java Reporting

JReport is a 100% Java reporting tool that seamlessly integrates with any application. JReport's Java EE architecture means that Java report development and deployment in diverse environments no longer requires costly integration of various resources, as JReport balances all of your available resources. JReport can be seamlessly integrated, and is a completely customizable Java reporting tool. 

Self-Service BI
Reduce dependency on experts by quickly developing new reports and dashboards on your own, on the fly.

Ad Hoc Analysis
Sort, filter, drill and visualize your multi-dimensional data analysis with click-and-drag ease at lightening speeds.

Rich Visualization
Mash up charts, tables, crosstabs, maps and external components from different data sources.

Seamless Integration
Bolster your application's data analytics with reports and dashboards that truly integrate into your architecture.

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- Web Reporting
- Interactive Reporting
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